The online world is a great place to spread messages and gather support but it can be overwhelming.

Whether you are looking to market your business or raise awareness regarding a specific issue, we can help you create an SEO and SEM campaign that targets your audience, implement it and get measurable results. This can include online and offline media and outreach elements.

Social Media Integration

Ever since opened the API Graph back in 2008, there has been consistent evolution in both the technologies involved with, and results recorded from, the use of social media channels. Click here to view an amusing, if outdated (2009), video about the ROI of social media. 

Over the past decade or so, we’ve been working consistently with a variety of social media channels, focusing strongly on, , and We’ve learned how to effectively integrate these channels into your online presence to create maximum reach and effect with minimum input and budget required.

We have a strong preference for the great online tools from Google, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Analytics, and YouTube, and odds are good that we will use all of these services extensively while working together. We can also help you with the establishment or updating of a Facebook account, including the creation or updating of a business page. The same goes for an account on Twitter.

Even if you already have all of these channels and online elements in place (*gold star for you), we can provide insight and/or training in ways to make your efforts more effective and follow a basic strategy while integrating with your website.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the art of improving your website’s performance in search engines. Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to find out more about SEO, so you head to your favorite search engine, such as Google, and type in the search query ‘what is seo?’, Google then pulls the most relevant websites to your search and offers them in order of ranking. Now you’ll probably pick out a few websites from the top of that list and won’t even consider the 147,000,000 results that ended up on page two and beyond.

Search Engine Marketing

We can help you understand what affects these search engine elements and share (during a tutorial) or implement (if you want ongoing assistance) our best practices for staying at the top.

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Content Creation

Campaign Managment

Web Design + Developement

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Pieter has created a website and online strategy that I believe to be very effective. It is a pleasure to work with Pieter and his responses to my needs are both timely and of great expertise.

Dave Frisch

Courtenay Councillor, David Frisch


We create strong client relationships and beautiful, functional websites on budget.



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