Domain Name:  A website’s unique online address that is purchased or registered with a hosting package. The domain name, or url, for this website is –

Website Hosting:  All of the information on the internet is stored on high-powered computers that are connected via a worldwide network. Purchasing hosting allows you to rent space, for the files that make up your website, on one of these computers. The initial steps to setting up a website can be a confusing and frustrating experience especially if it’s your first time. We can help you find the perfect domain name, set up your hosting and make sure you get everything you need at the best possible price.

Website Maintenance:  Once a website is created it requires maintenance and updates to ensure that it’s operating smoothly and is safe from malware and hackers. We are always available to provide technical support, basic updates and give advice after your website is up and running. We also recognize that not everyone is keen to learn the ins and outs of maintaining a website, or has the time, this is why we offer scheduled maintenance as well as content update packages which can include adding new photos, creating blog posts, making product updates, or anything else your website may require, on a monthly basis.

Pod Creative offers dedicated, managed hosting for your website for $30 per month.  Our service includes: Word Press, theme and plugin updates, daily backups, 24/7 tech support and unlimited storage.

Pieter is very prompt. Whenever I have a problem he is on it immediately. I like that. It’s service that’s hard to find. Anywhere.

Sean Muir, Courtenay

Executive Director, Frontline Creative

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