Web design and development has become an indispensable part of owning a business. More often purchasing decisions are starting with an online search. Whether a potential customer has your business in mind and wants to know how to find you, or they’re searching for a product or service in your area, by having a website you’re making your business more accessible. Websites can be an online calling card, a platform for you to set up your soapbox and gather an audience, or a place for commerce; from online booking to sales. Whatever your business goals are and whether or not you already have a website, we can get the nucleus of your online presence working (better) for you.

Over the past few years Pieter has been working with Project Watershed to build, manage and maintain a highly functional and very attractive website. We are grateful for all his efforts and countless contributions.

Paul Horgen, Comox Valley

Chair of the Board of Directors, Comox Valley Project Watershed Society

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