WordPress Tutorials

Beginners step-by-step tutorials on how to manage your WordPress website and on working with the Divi theme.

Basic SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever changing landscape of trends, keywords and analytics.  I’m going to go over some simple steps to help you with your site’s SEO.  These tips will give you a basic foundation to build from but they...

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RSS Feeds

Let’s talk more about RSS, Feedburner and auto posting to social media using RSS!  Not sure what RSS is?  Have a look at What is RSS and How Does it Work? Michael Holding Getting the URL for an RSS Feed If you are looking to get updates from a favourite site and...

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How to Display Google Analytics

In this tutorial I will show you how to display your Google Analytics in the dashboard of your WordPress site.  You can learn more about Google Analytics by reading some of our other posts: What are Google Analytics and why should I install it on my website? How to...

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WordPress Update 4.6 “Pepper”

Today I’m going to have a couple words about the latest update to WordPress.  4.6 has been named Pepper after jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III.  This continues the trend of WordPress naming their updates...

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How and Where to Find Great Free Images

In this tutorial I will offer up my search techniques for finding great images for websites and other design projects.  I will showcase a few resource sites and highlight some tools available with Google’s image search.   Let me know if you have any other sites...

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What is an RSS feed and how does it work?

Today, I’m going to discuss RSS aka Really Simple Syndication, what it is and how it works.  I will be doing my best to keep the language easy to understand.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you find this interesting or useful. Michael Holding 1. What...

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