In 2011, a community news website from World Community, presented a series of workshops on new media and content creation aimed at promoting community or citizen journalism. Below is the next video installment from on of the attendees who’s really taken up the challenge by producing decent news clips.

“On Monday, Aug. 1st, Comox hosted the 24th annual Build, Bail & Sail Race. A fun(ny) event if you enjoy slapstick humour, like I do.
Here’s the link: or visit 9Connors on youtube.

Watch how to build 15 boats and 5 heats of racing? in under 7 minutes. Note the local cadets built 4 identical boats for entries into the first 4 qualifying rounds.

Smiles, Bob”


PS: Bob Huddart is available at an affordable rate for video production, with a preference for projects focusing on environmental issues and social justice causes. His repertoire is growing to include small-scale documentaries, recording of public events and fun projects. Send him an e-mail if you need any of the above.

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