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Today I’m going to give you five tips to ensure your website gets better online attention.

Michael Holding

Regular, Relevant, Rich Content

Posting regularly with relevant, media rich content will help establish your knowledge to Google.  They want to know about your experience in as rich a way as possible.  Post a video with your latest interview or client.  

Give something away for free

Take advantage of the viral nature of digital content by giving away something valuable and encouraging people to share it with their contacts: 

  • a free report or e-book, full of insanely useful information
  • a series of tutorials
  • one of the better tracks from your album
  • a template

Use social media

Promote your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking site you use.  Ensure that you have ‘share’ buttons on your posts so visitors can let their networks know it.  The easier you make if for visitors to share your content the more likely they are to do so.

Stay focused

Relevance!  Showcase your expertise in your field.  If your business is home decor refrain from posting about your all time favourite cat videos.  Do features on the latest design trends, colour palettes, etc.  Have a new piece of equipment or a happy client?  Post about it!


Good link building is very important for websites.  Whenever possible include an external link to another relevant site or related blog post.  Link to older posts on your site as long as the are related and relevant.  Additionally, go back over your old posts and link them to newer content.

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