7 settings you need to check when starting a new WordPress site

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Here's 7 must-check settings for WordPress Beginners!

If you’re new to WordPress like our recent team addition Tony, setting up a new WordPress site can be intimidating. Fear not! If you follow our list of 7 settings you should check before you start designing your new site.

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

How to get to your Settings

Start at the dashboard of your site. On the left-hand side bar click on Settings. This will give you access to all the settings we will talk about today including General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks, and Privacy settings. 

Typically your General settings don’t need to be adjusted, however, we highly encourage you to take a look just in case. Ensure your website is in the correct time zone, your happy with the time/date format, and that the new user default role is set to your preferred role. For more information check out this tutorial from the Elegant Themes blog!

Our friends at Elegant Themes wrote a fantastic How To blog on the WordPress writing settings. At its core, WordPress is all about writing. There are several WordPress writing settings that you can tweak to modify parts of the content creation experience.

Check out this How-To post from our friends at Elegant Themes! No matter what you want your website to do, chances are high that there’s a way to make it happen. To help you get started, there are a lot of reading settings in the WordPress dashboard that you can configure, some of which determine how your site presents to both visitors and search engines.

Comments are a key component of most traditional blogs, and an easy way to drive engagement from your readers. To help you make the most of that feature, WordPress includes a handful of discussion settings that you can configure to meet your site’s needs.

By modifying your discussion settings in WordPress, you gain full control over how users interact with your comments sections. This article by Elegant Themes goes over all of the relevant options

Fun Fact!

WordPress is the content management system we at Pod Creative prefer. It’s customizable, straightforward to operate, and lends itself nicely to beginners all the way to advanced users!

The WordPress media upload settings can seem overwhelming at first glance, especially if you’re a newcomer to the Content Management System (CMS). Fortunately, learning how to navigate these settings isn’t difficult, especially since our friends at Elegant Themes created this incredible How-To article.

The URLs of the content you publish on your WordPress website are known as permalinks. Permalinks are what people enter into their browser address bar to view one of your pages (they are the permanent link to a single page). They are also what search engines and other websites use to link to your website. Our friends at Elegant Themes wrote this great article on Permalinks! At Pod Creative we prefer using the “Post Name” permalink setting.

The privacy policy is one of the most underappreciated parts of your WordPress website, even though nearly every visitor has to click a button to agree to it. Because of that, having a solid privacy policy is one of the most important things you can do for your site. If you follow this How-To tutorial by Elegant Themes you will be good to go!



Starting a new website can be an exciting, and daunting, process. While easy to forget, the 7 settings we talked about (General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks, and Privacy) are important to the longevity and functionality of your site. 

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