Amazon – An Ecommerce Giant (Infographic)

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Resources
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Pieter Vorster

Once a humble online book store, the global giant Amazon has grown dramatically over the years and is now considered a household name for many. In recent years, it has expanded into a much more general retailer, and even more recently still it has branched out into providing services. In just a short 23 years, the business has gone from a relatively obscure book business, to one of the most dominant online retailers in the world.

It is well known for selling a range of its own products and services such as Amazon Kindle, Amazon movies, Alexa, Fire, Amazon TV, and much more. It is also known for its extremely fast shipping service, Amazon prime. Although this comes as an added fee, many people believe it to be beneficial to be a member as they can get products delivered to the door in as little as a day.

As a buyer, Amazon is a shopper’s dream. Whatever you are thinking of, Amazon is likely to be able to provide it, be it furniture, food, toys, jewellery, clothes, audiobooks, software, electronics and so much more. And, thanks to the exhaustive and comprehensive Amazon coupon program, it’s possible to get really good deals on virtually anything you purchase from their website, if you know your way around online discounts.

Currently, it has over 304 million users worldwide, and with the adoption of mobile shopping, there are over 30 million mobile app users every month. Although the majority of the company’s revenue comes from the USA, there is also a huge customer base in various other countries such as England, Germany and Japan.

For these countries, Amazon has separate retail websites, and offers international shipping of some of its products to other countries.

In 2015, Amazon surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the US by market capitalization, and since then it has continued to grow both in size and popularity. This is just a tiny insight into the interesting facts that you can find out about the biggest retail website in the world on 16Best.

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