An Introduction to Hosting

by | Jan 7, 2020 | FAQ, Resources

What is hosting?

In the simplest terms, hosting is the computer where your website is kept.

A web host is a computer.

Why do I need hosting?

If your website is files on a computer, why can’t you host them on your home computer or laptop?  You can, however, there are probably a few factors you haven’t considered.

Power Outages

If you are hosting your site at home and the power goes out, then so does your website.  Professional web hosts have backup features and redundant power supplies.  This means that your site doesn’t go down, even in the roughest weather.

Connection Speed

Home internet plans boast about their high speed connections, but this is mainly download speeds.  Hosting a website requires sending lots of files as quickly as possible.  Home internet plans aren’t designed for this kind of traffic.  Whereas, web hosts have very fast, stable connections allowing them to upload files to and serve tens of thousands simultaneous visitors.

IP Address

When you are connected to the internet at home you have a dynamic IP address.  What that means is that your IP address will change from time to time.  With a web host you get a static IP address, which means people will always be able to find your site.

Hardware and Maintenance

If your computer starts having issues or needs a repair, your site (hosted at home) will be down for days, if not weeks.  Lost and corrupted files are hallmarks of a hard drive crash or CPU failure.  Professional web hosts have maintenance teams, replacement parts and hardware, as well backups of all your files.

Tired of never ending website updates?

Pod Creative offers dedicated, managed hosting for $30/month.  That means you never have to worry about the next update.

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