It’s been a long road for the folks from the Comox Valley Sierra Club in their battle against the development of a Gas n Go petrol station smack bang in the middle of what we now know to be the most productive ecosystem our community possesses – The Courtenay River Estuary. (View a video of the estuary by Blue Bamboo Productions.) Why one would choose to build an environmental time-bomb on top of one of 8 class 1 estuaries left in Canada seemed a mystery and when Grant Gordon (featured in the video below) asked CP-SMS to build an online space to showcase the plight of the poor eagles we jumped at the chance and put together “A Peek at the Eagles (Comox)” blogspot. Which got shut down shortly after and to this day stands as is.

Since then the development of the Gas n Go has been allowed by the powers that be and in ongoing protest the Comox Valley Sierra Club is organising a boycott of the business, using the video below (available on their YouTube channel) as one of their tools for outreach and education…


I know that I’ll be boycotting this antiquated, greed-driven disaster-waiting-to-happen. What about you?

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