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by | Apr 24, 2018 | Resources
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Pieter Vorster

Modern Uses Of Artificial Intelligence In Business
We have all watched movies that have portrayed futuristic visions of a world where artificial intelligence has become a reality. Although we are not quite at this stage yet, there is no denying that artificial intelligence has come a long way, and this technology is now seeing widespread use in today’s world of business and industry.
For those who don’t know, AI is a set of programming and algorithms that is supposed to emulate human behaviour or perform human tasks. The basis behind this type of technology is that a computer or AI can perform complex sums and tasks in a fraction of the time that a human could. Furthermore, AI technology can cope with a greater volume of information. In short, if data processing could be combined with actual machinelearning, the robots could be much more efficient and faster than a human.
As you will see in the infographic below, there are many examples of AI usage in business today. For example, the multimedia streaming service Netflix uses AI technology to provide a personalised service to its customers. The AI system will analyse what programs and films a user has watched, and create a tailored recommendation list to suit. Lowe’s use AI in their stores in the form of a robotic helper that assists shoppers find home improvement items that match their desider style.
Alternatively, internet giant Google has spent over $20 billion on AI technologies since 2016. Its YouTube video platform, for example, uses AI systems to provide recommended playlists, and Google Translate uses a neural machine to interpret spoken words.
As you can see, AI technology is on the rise, and as it continues to develop and improve, we should see a widespread implementation in the near future.      

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