It’s been just over a year and we currently have 65 businesses accepting cw$ as payment for their goods and services. Go have a look at all the participating businesses who are making this initiative work. They are, after all, the places where you can spend the good money.

I also have it on good faith that LUSH Valley Food Action Society want all the cw$ they can get. Anyone from the Comox Valley willing to donate cw$ to LUSH Valley can do so by visiting the Hub and dropping some cw$ bills into our jar. If you have an online account in the community way system – most people who join the program have these accounts to allow paperless transactions – you can contribute by going to the DONATE page on their site, logging in and then transferring funds to account name: lush.

You can also get to the cw$ online accounts login page quickly by clicking on the cw$ seal in the sidebar –>

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