World Community is teaming up with, 10:10 UK, Greenpeace International and a global coalition of folks – in more than 5,250 communities – doing something about climate change. 350 Comox Valley will rally this Sunday, October 10 at noon at the Courtenay Civic Square next to Sid Williams Theatre. They will demonstrate to leaders that individuals are doing their part to address climate change and they want governments, corporations and businesses to take concrete steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere below 350 parts per million.

The local organizers of 350 Comox Valley asked residents to shift $10 of their grocery budget from imported and processed, to local sustainable food. Hundreds made the pledge, and hundreds more patronize the Comox Valley Farmers Market, buy at farm gates and insist on local products at grocery stores. Every dollar spent on local food reduces GHG emissions and creates agricultural jobs. It is a virtuous circle that increases local production, creates jobs, supports the local economy and enhances local food security and community health. “We all eat – so we can all do something about climate change.” says Sue Moen, project coordinator.

Comox Valley municipalities, and, indeed all British Columbia civic governments, are mandated to move toward carbon neutrality in their operations, so we have a head start over many communities around the world. “Awareness of the danger is high and many individuals already do their part locally – but we can’t rest on our laurels; we cannot slow down or turn away; we must continue to pressure our leaders to implement solutions we know make a difference.” says Moen. “Through this campaign and other community initiatives, people have learned that buying local is not more expensive than shopping for artificially cheap food; that supporting local farmers adds dollars to our local economies; that spending time cooking and eating with family and friends contribute to our health and well-being. We can build on that.”

The rally will start at noon at the Courtenay Civic Square, beside the Sid Williams Theatre on Sunday. Organizers urge participants to bring signs and banners because they plan to submit photos and video to

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