There are lots of advantages to living in the Comox Valley countryside (on Marsden Road we’re CountryResidential1). You get to pump delicious water from your well, secretly drinks beers around your firepit and moan about how the folks in power are messing things up again. You mostly get to moan and whine about the state of things because you cannot place a vote in the municipal elections and therefore feel a bit cheated when the outcome is not what you had hoped for.

Towards this goal I wanted to let everyone know where my votes would have gone, had they been valid in the 2011 Courtenay Municipal Elections:

  1. Mayor – Greg Phelps, and thanks for your steadfast leadership thus far.
  2. Councillor – Doug Hillian, and thanks for being the voice of environmental reason.
  3. Councillor – Ronna-Rae Leonard, and thanks for your continued calming common sense (no relation to the silly billies and their campaign intended at all).
  4. Councillor – Bill Anglin, and let’s hope you prove to be the same energetic force you did with the Chamber.
  5. Councillor – Norm Reynolds, and here’s hoping you get all your progressive plans achieved.
  6. Councillor – Jon Ambler, and let’s hope you continue to stand firm, despite the disagreements I have with some of your ideas.
  7. Councilor – Stuart MacInnis, and let’s hope your 30-year-old shoulders can take the weight of the young professional community’s demands, because there’s going to be plenty.
That’s my choice.
Keep in mind you DO NOT have to put down 7 votes come Saturday. If you only feel comfortable voting for 4 of the candidates, then exercise your democratic right and do so for goodness’ sake. Don’t give a vote for someone you feel won’t represent you properly.
A quick word of appreciation to all the candidates who put a little effort into their online presence, allowing us to find out more about you and how you plan to represent us. It seems to me that you’re missing out if you don’t reflect your real-life views online in the world’s leading Internet usage country. Either that, or you have something to hide, eh Dave Smith?

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