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Creating a quality Youtube video is not rocket science! These tips will help guide your efforts.

We say it all the time to our clients and it rings true to you as well! Your Youtube video does not need to be a Spielberg film. Seriously, it doesn’t. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks for creating a quality Youtube video!

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

Youtube is massive

On average 720,000 hours of content is uploaded every single day. Sounds like a lot right? That is a lot of content! 82.2 years worth of content. Every. Single. Day. It is estimated that around 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? 

Keep it simple

Until you’re more comfortable in front of a camera, keep it simple. Your message can be short, sweet, and to the point. Flashy theatrics, complicated dialogue, and props are great but unnecessary, to begin with.

The most important part of the video is the message you want to get across! Keep your content simple, straightforward, and easy to follow.

For example, the video above was shot on Hannah’s Galaxy S9 to provide an overview of what is involved in our dedicated, managed hosting services.

Our tips and tricks

Video prep

Preparation before creating your video is key to making a great video. Not only will it help you feel more confidant with the material, but it will also assist in making you appear more at ease during the video. Knowing your content inside and out is key!

How can you prep for your video? Write a script! Even if you don’t want to follow a script for the video, which we don’t necessarily recommend, it can help you focus the content, and streamline the message.

Pick the perfect scene and setting!

This is an important aspect of video creation beginners often forget. To give you an idea of how important scene and setting are for business videos lets look at a local example that came to our attention a few months ago. A local contractor who operates their business in our area recently created a video highlighting their services, which was then posted on Facebook. While the spoken message was fine, the setting was not. The contractor touted their services whilst casually sitting in their backyard drinking a beer.

This is not a good idea. Not only does it not paint the contractor as a professional, but it also casts the individual in a negative light. Think about it for a second. If you watched two videos advertising two local contractors, one of whom discussing their services while on a job site dressed appropriately in safety gear, while the other sits in a lawn chair, drinking a beer, talking about how safe they are. Which paints a more professional picture?

Pay extra attention to this part

We are our own worst critics! No one is going to care about a few extra pounds, imperfect eyebrows, or a small gap in your teeth. They care about the actual content you are speaking about! Being in front of a camera can be unnerving for some people and that is ok. Try a few calming breaths and have a trusty friend by your side. Small mistakes happen and are totally fine, they add to the authenticity of your video! 

Shooting the video

Shoot landscape. Not only is Landscape the more flattering view, but it is also the most editable view. During editing, you can change a video from landscape to portrait, however you aren’t able to do the reverse.

Check the lighting. The scene should be as well lit as possible, whether from natural light, flashlights, or studio lights. Take a few practice videos and assess your lighting, background noise, and overall setting.

Take multiple takes. You will most likely take multiple takes of your video before you find “the one.” If you’re a one-take person well, congrats! But most of us aren’t, and we at Pod Creative sure aren’t! The above video was shot with Hannah’s cell phone and we finally nailed it after 9 takes.

Mistakes happen. A lot of factors can mess up a great shot! Lighting, background noise, flubbed words, they all happen. If you find yourself getting stressed out about it we recommend stopping and taking a break. Anxiety, stress, fear, and a lack of confidence will translate on camera and will sour the vibe of the video.

Keep it steady. If you are having someone hold the camera for you make sure they are steady-handed! A shaky camera dramatically lowers the quality of the video. One trick to holding a camera steady is using the triangle pose. Hold the camera steady while resting your elbows on a solid surface, creating a V between your shoulder and hands. Better yet, invest in an inexpensive camera stand! Places such as London Drugs and Best Buy have inexpensive, flexible camera tripods for under $50 CAD. 

wrapping this all up

Practice makes perfect so start practicing! Youtube may seem daunting and overwhelming at first, but if you stick to our tips and tricks you’ll be quickly on your way to stellar videos. Keep them short and simple at first and work your way to longer videos. Ensure the camera is steady by utilizing a friend or camera stand. Don’t sweat the small mistakes! And most importantly, have fun with it! Anxiety, stress, fear, and a lack of confidence will translate on camera and will sour the vibe of the video.

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