How to Add a New Woo Commerce Simple Product to your WordPress Site with Divi

You're Reading: How to Add a New Woo Commerce Simple Product to your WordPress Site with Divi

Step-by-step instructions on how to put a product into your Woo Commerce merchandise store.

This will be a step-by-step guide for WordPress beginners, requiring you to be logged into the back end of your website to begin. 

Let us know if this tutorial has helped you or if you have any questions or comments!

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

Here are a few reminders about making a successful product

  • Set your price
  • Pick a good photo to display your product
  • Write a clear, distinctive description

1. Click on the products Tab on the left hand side bar

Hover your mouse over #1 Products and select the tab.  As the products page opens then click on Add New Product #2.


2. Setting the name, price, category, and image

A)   Enter the product name you desire.

B) Select your product category (you can also add a new category)

C)  Set your product image

D) Set your price

3. Continue to set up the Product as per Below

A)  Set Your SKU Code

B)  Click the Manage Stock Box

C)  Set Your Stock Quantity

D)  Set your Backorder Permission (Allow, Do Not Allow or Allow but notify customer)

E)  Set your Store-wide Threshold (Min number of stock to notify you to order more stock)

location of the places to put information

4. Setting up the Shipping

A)  Click on the shipping tab

B)  Set a weight for item to be shipped      

C)  Set the dimensions of the package

5. Add in your product description

A)  Add the description of your product.

6. Let’s publish!

This will now add your product and you can repeat this process for each product you wish to add to your store.

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