Earth Week 2014 Comox Valley Coordinator

The Earth Week 2014 Planning Group is a coalition of a wide diversity of Comox Valley community groups.  The coalition is seeking a part-time contractor to assist in coordinating and promoting activities for “Earth Week”—April 22-26 2014.

Purpose and description of Coordinator’s contract position

Our Vision:

  • “Earth Week” Comox Valley will be a series of events beginning April 22, Earth Day, and culminating in a day of festivities on Saturday April 26. The “Earth Week” will be an engaging, informative, fun series of events around awareness of, caring for, and enjoying our life sustaining Earth and its ecosystems.

  • This free event will draw together businesses, non-profit groups, and local residents for a fun day of education, community group participation, gardening, nature walks, music, and films. There will be a Kids Zone with environmental education games.

  • Organizing for Earth Week Comox Valley will be modeled on the World Food Week held last October, initiated by the Food Round Table where many different organizations organized their own activities but those activities were presented/promoted as part the central theme. A common program of activities was developed and the activities of all the individual groups were promoted in one inclusive advertising strategy.

  • We will showcase a wide diversity of ways in which local residents can/do work to protect, enjoy and raise awareness about the value of the Earth in general with emphasis on activities, policies and strategies that are  sustaining and sustainable. Celebrating our own the rich natural diversity of the Comox Valley and healthy lifestyles will be featured along with information and incentives on how to get involved.

  • We will work collaboratively recognizing that the quality of relationships we develop is as important to the effort to build a sustainable community as is the event we produce.

  • We welcome participation by the full spectrum of our community that shares our concern for nurturing a healthy Earth, including: non-profits, private businesses, local government and agencies, farmers, churches and community volunteers.

The Comox Valley Earth Week 2014 Organizing Committee is an ad hoc committee of a wide diversity of community organizations who want to ensure an informative, fun, participatory Earth Week 2014 in the Comox Valley.

General duties for the Earth Week 2014 Comox Valley Coordinator for Comox Valley include:

  • Report to and work with the Earth Week 2014 Planning Group though their chairperson

  • Ensure that the many activities planned by different groups for that week are brought together in a collaborative way and promoted under the common theme of Comox Valley Earth Week 2014

  • Ensure that  before an event is announced under the common theme the group presenting the event has a clear intention and implementation strategy, including necessary volunteers, location, and materials

  • Provide research, coordination and collaboration in producing a “program” that both advertises and announces the overall theme and lists in an informative and attractive way the various Earth Week Events

  • Produce and publish attractive and informative advertising for the week’s events

  • Develop and enact an effective community outreach strategy

  • Liaise with groups who are organizing events to ensure all events have an allocated(booked for appropriate time and space)  venue

  • Facilitate communication and event related decision making among the groups involved in Earth Week

  • Explore further funding and events/activities that might enhance the community experience of Earth Week 2014

  • Research and populate necessary core volunteers that facilitate the overall functioning of Earth Week –as opposed to volunteers strictly associated with a particular group/venue/event

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications and characteristics:

  • Proven experience organizing community events and conferences

  • Highly organized with proven attention to detail

  • Strong writing, graphic and social media communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to work with the public and on a team

  • Computer skills relevant to advertising and coordinating

  • Ability to meet deadlines

  • Ability to work flexible hours

  • Ability to exercise independent judgment

  • Volunteer management experience is considered an asset

  • An interest in and knowledge of Comox Valley community groups and sustainability issues is considered an asset

Employment Details:

This, outcomes based, contract position will run March 10– April 26 2014 with base honorarium of $1500 with the potential to increase based on agreed on tasks and availability of revenue from other sources.

Send resume and proposals to Norm Reynolds

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2014

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