Hi All,

I’m writing to tell you about our upcoming LUSH Valley fundraiser, garage sale and open house to be held on July 23rd.  LUSH has accumulated a warehouse full of treasures and this is a great opportunity to turn these treasures into value. In addition, we are looking for your items that you need to clear from your life and are interested in donating for us to sell at this event. If transportation is a problem we can help you with moving larger items that are in good condition and appropriate for a garage sale.

We will be providing a trailer and vehicle to appropriately donate/dispose/recycle anything that cannot be sold at the garage sale. Along with your stuff we need you to provide a digital photo or description ahead of time. This will help us with advertising. If you don’t have anything to sell but would like to participate with sales, tours or food prep let us know. Anybody with a food product that they would like to advertise or sell please contact us. We will have tables, music, food and refreshments on the day of the event.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Scott DiGuistini, Ph.D. – http://www.cultured-dairy.com – http://www.diguistini.com – Ph: 250.334.3931

LUSH Valley Food Action Society – 1126F Piercy Avenue, Courtenay, BC, V9N3E6 – (250) 331-0152 – Mon-Thurs 10am – 3pm


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