Are you worried about more old growth forests being sacrificed for jobs and export… and development? Are you lamenting the loss of the native plants and animals from our woodlands? Are you concerned about the air quality and the health of the trees, lungs of the planet?

Join the Ancient Forest Alliance‘s Ken Wu and TJ Watt for a slideshow presentation on the current status, ecology, wildlife, and related policies that affect BC’s old-growth forests and how we can work to ensure a sustainable, value-added, second-growth forest industry. You will see photos and recently updated maps from BC’s coastal old-growth forests and inland rainforest.

Hosted by the Comox Valley Land Trust, Lake Trail Neighbourhood Connections and the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy, The Ancient Forest Alliance will present a slideshow about the ecology, policies and status of BC’s old-growth forests as part of the their upcoming tour of key BC communities to promote old-growth protection and sustainable second-growth forestry.

Jack Minard, executive director of the Comox Valley Land Trust, will give a short presentation on a proposal to protect the Comox Lake Watershed and prevent the need for a $25 million dollar treatment plant. There are old growth patches throughout the watershed and this proposal aims to save these remnant forests as well.

This free event will take place at Lake Trail School in the Drama Room on Wednesday, May 8. Doors open at 6:45 pm with presentations starting at 7:00 pm sharp.

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