Recently received this message from Caila Holbrook of The Mapping Centre (who happens to be my wife)…

"Hi, I am looking for someone to help develop tools for an online Map Guide Atlas. The tools I am looking for are a bookmarking tool and a digitizing tool. The bookmarking tool would enable us to make a bookmark of a location at a certain scale with certain layers turned on. These bookmarks would be used as links that we could post on websites to show certain information. At present Map Guide 2011 has a bookmarking tool but it only retains scale and location not turned on layers. The digitizing tool would be for users with a password to be able to draw a line or polygon on the map, these elements need to be saved in a layer that could be accessed and verified. This tool also exists in a basic format in Map Guide 2011 but needs to be upgraded. I do have someone working on the Map Guide end who has a detailed overview of what needs to be done. Need to know php, javascript, html and xml.  Cost to be negotiated. Please contact Caila for further details.
Cheers, Caila


Caila Holbrook – Business Manager – The Mapping Centre – Comox Valley Project Watershed Society – (250) 792-2873 – (250) 703-2872 –


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