Pieter Vorster

After graduating from the University of the Orange Free State with both a distinction in Communications and the Andre Du Plessis-prize for best Dramatic Arts student, Pieter obtained a diploma in Creative Writing from the AAA School of Advertising (Cape Town, South Africa) before spending 3 years cutting his teeth as a professional copywriter for Saatchi & Saatchi.

Feeling the need for something more…moral…Pieter traveled to Taiwan to teach English to a beautiful bunch of crazy kids that taught him almost as much as his entire formal education did. However, the pen turned out to be mightier than the dry-erase marker, and in 2005 Pieter became Managing Editor of FYI South – a bilingual city guide focusing on the southern region of the island. Following 21 lucrative months of deadlines, designs and community events, he left behind the publication to travel further and start the move to Canada.

Since arriving in the Comox Valley in late 2008, Pieter has been working on his home-based business (now Pod Creative) – aiming to help small business and non-profit organisations establish and maintain professional up-to-date communications systems and empowering members of the public through personal, practical guidance in basic online tools. He is passionate about making a difference, skiing (and most other adventure sports), traveling, graphic novels and on-line communication opportunities.

He now calls the Comox Valley home and lives there with his wife Caila and his daughters Juniper and Wren.

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