Pod Creative’s Divi Tips and WordPress resources for our clients

You're Reading: Pod Creative’s Divi Tips and WordPress resources for our clients
We are rounding up our best tips and tricks for every user!

When you’re first getting started with Divi and WordPress it can be intimidating! So many steps, lots of buttons, and suddenly whoops you’ve published your post live when it’s only half done. We’ve all been there and thus to make it a little easier on everyone we are rounding up our favourite articles and posts to help you along.

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

A little bit about DIVI:

We use the Divi Theme to create our websites. Divi is an extremely powerful tool and contains our favourite element by far for a theme, the visual builder! For more information on the theme check out this handy dandy Youtube video playlist, visit the Elegant Themes Blog, or read through the documentation.

The very beginning

One of the first things we teach our clients is how to log into the back end of their website! While this may seem like an extremely basic step it’s one that often causes clients stress. Luckily we have just the thing! This post on our website details the exact steps you need to log into the back end of your site. Alternatively, you can use the infographic Hannah created!

You’re doing awesome!

Divi is an incredibly powerful tool, but it takes some practice! If you get stuck, need help, or are frustrated please reach out, we are always here to help! 

Make a Post!

At first, making a post may seem daunting or overwhelming. And we get that! But really, making a post should be neither daunting nor overwhelming, especially with our step-by-step guide on how to create your new post! If you prefer a video check out the one below.

Made a mistake on your new post? Restore a Revision!

Restoring a WordPress post to a previous version is straightforward, and a time saver! Somewhere along the line, we have all made a mistake in our posts, so regretted a new layout we saved. It happens! With this post on our website, we will walk you through how to restore your post to a previous version (or more!) so you don’t have to start all over.



Getting started in your online journey can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! With our Divi tips and tricks, videos, and posts we are confident you’ll be able to find your way around your site! As always we are here as your Web Team to provide support, training, and assistance if ever the need be. 

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