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Web Design Tips That Can Help Drive Sales to Your Business

For a webmaster, few things feel as good as seeing your website top search results. After all, you’ve worked so hard at optimizing your website. The problem is, you seem to be getting lots of traffic but too little in the way of sales. Here are some web design tips that just might help drive sales to your business.

What is a Nameserver

Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol for how computers send and receive data over the Internet. It would be very difficult to remember the IP address of every website we access. Instead, our request is routed through a DNS server, also known as a name server. Read more…

Do’s and Don’ts of Photo Labeling

The Do’s and Don’ts of photo labeling. Properly labeling photos makes it immeasurably easier for your web development team. Have a look at our handy infographic to help you get it right.

Domain Name Facts You Should Know (Infographic)

Picking a domain name is one of the first steps of setting up a website. And once you register a domain name, you can do little to alter it. If you think you’ve made a wrong choice, all you can do is register another one.

It, therefore, pays off to pick the right domain name right away. The useful infographic that follows can help you better understand domain names before choosing one of your own.

A Year in Review: 4 Top Design Trends of 2018 (Infographic)

Considering that we work on the web every day, we at Pod Creative try to incorporate some of the positive and popular online opportunities we come across.  We encourage you to read through the infographic below as It points out some of the top trends from the past year.

The Ultimate Way To Use Instagram Stories To Your Advantage (Infographic)

he majority of socially engaged businesses have already included Instagram in marketing strategies. For many, this may mean just adding photos to the feed with some strategically placed hashtags, while the more tech-savvy will be making use of one of Instagram’s newest features called Instagram Stories.

The feature provides businesses with a ready-made vehicle for promoting their brand in real time, in a fun and engaging way which appeals to followers. Since its launch, Stories have had one success after another and are still hugely popular with Instagram users.

60 Stats & Trends That Will Define The Future of E-Commerce (Infographic)

Electronic shopping was introduced back in 1979 when English inventor Michael Aldrich connected a modified TV to a transaction-processing computer via telephone line and opened the information systems for secure data transmission. This technology became the foundation on which the eCommerce as we know it was built. Today, eCommerce is used on a daily basis and living without it seems just complicated and inconvenient. The new technologies and innovations are continuously changing and exponentially improving the user experience and safety which, on the other hand, results in staggering eCommerce growth.

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