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Let’s talk more about RSS, Feedburner and auto posting to social media using RSS!  Not sure what RSS is?  Have a look at What is RSS and How Does it Work?

Michael Holding

Getting the URL for an RSS Feed

If you are looking to get updates from a favourite site and they don’t have a neat RSS icon, like we do, how can you get the right feed?  It’s surprisingly easy!  All you have to do is copy the URL and add feed/ to the end.  If I wanted to be updated every time we added a new site to our Portfolio page, I would use the following URL: https://podcreative.ca/porfolio/feed/.


What is Feedburner?  Do I need it.

No.  It’s outdated, unsupported and constantly viewed as buggy.  Here’s a great site that looks at some alternatives: feedburner-alternatives.com


Populate your Social Media via RSS

A great way to get your site’s content out to your target audience is to share via social media.  There are a number of third party apps out there that will help you integrate your RSS into Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I recommend looking at Zapier, dlivr.it and IFTTT and seeing how comfortable you are with them.  Any auto-publishing to a social media platform will require that you create a developer account on each platform you are posting to.

You can accomplish the same thing using NextScripts: SNAP or Social Media Auto Publish by XYZScripts, we can recommend both plugins.

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