Life is full this fall. Full of love. Full of family. Full of work. Full of community. Full of fun. Have a look at what I mean…

Most of the aforementioned was present in our  …ahem… KICKASS SUPER AWESOME! … thank you very much … photo session with Karen McKinnon. The time flew by in front of her lens and she made us look our best by not making us think about what we look like at all. All this while seamlessly spending social time with us and allowing us to spend some time with each other.

Many thanks Karen, from both of us.



 PS: Check out the amazing view of the Courtenay River Estuary – Keeping It Living has been one of the projects that Caila and I have been involved with from the conception stage. Second only in importance to the Fraser River Estuary, it is a special and unique feature of the Comox Valley. It is one of only eight Class 1 estuaries in British Columbia and provides habitat for 145 bird species (more than 70,000 birds), 218 plant species, 29 fish species (including all five species of pacific salmon) and innumerable species of intertidal animals (clams, worms, bacteria, viruses, etc.). Us humans benefit from it too, and not only as a backdrop for family portraits.

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