TED – an organization that has been sponsoring an internationally acclaimed conference for several years now, is coming to the Comox Valley with TEDxComoxValley thanks to Imagine Comox Valley.

What is Imagine Comox Valley you might ask? Well, we are a new group with broad-based support from all over the political spectrum with the prime goal of ensuring a sustainable future for the Comox Valley. Let’s be clear here – we have a very particular view of sustainability in that it must include three key components – the economy, the environment and our community.

We have defined our mission as being to achieve the legislative & regulatory changes required to ensure a sustainable future for the Comox Valley. Yes, this does mean changing laws and regulations to ensure we have true sustainability including good jobs, appropriate environmental protection and a thriving community.

TEDxComoxValley takes place April 14th at Frelones in Cumberland, and unfortunately is already sold out! Don’t worry, some additional tickets could be released, and we do intend to do this again. If you are interested, and couldn’t get a ticket, please sign up at our website, www.imaginecomoxvalley.ca or look for us on Facebook (search for “Imagine Comox Valley”) and send us a note saying you want to attend a future TEDx event. This will let us know how big a venue we need next time.

Our featured speaker will be Mark Holland of HB Lanarc who will be speaking on the subject of resilient cities. There will also be two TED Talks from the TED website with one being on the theme of “entertainment” and the other about “technology”. Thus, we will cover the full TED spectrum of Technology, Entertainment and Design!

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