“When the rains fall hard and heavy I dream they discharge the dog shit, in those cute little compost-able bags, into the estuary at last, ’cause the shit stink sure is overpowering on a beautiful,warm sunny day. Isn’t that why people throw it toward the estuary water, isn’t that their hope/assumption? That it will sink down and away? Enough wrist action, it might hit water, or maybe just mud, rock, wood, brambles; but once it leaves the hand it is away. Even though we are all so fucking sophisticated that we know there really is no such place as away. It’s the best we can do I suppose, in this pinnacle of civilization, this Comox Valley hopping as it is with social media, and the 3C cool factor of Cumberland/Courtenay/Comox. We trail after our pampered pooches, harvesting their precious feces to keep the walkways clean, but do we bury it? Do we compost it? No. We’ll protest development along the shoreline, protest a gas station on the dyke, but in the end it all comes down to the same thing, throwing our unwanted shit in the water.”
From Jean Dugal. (Fellow contributor @ the Island Word)
PS: In the spirit of keeping things hyperlocal, CP-SMS will be asking like-minded community members to submit their 2 cents.

Willingness to accept cw$ could open discussions for payment.
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