“I love the Farmer’s Market; I love Brambles Market; I’m aflutter that we have both rural and urban gorgeous foodie markets in the Comox Valley.  The Farmer’s Market is great fun, doing the circuit around the field, paying farmers directly for what they’ve produced, trying not to trip over kids and dogs, everyone happy.

A magnet for people from Cumberland and Comox and around the Valley, it’s old school social media, face to smiling face.
The downside is that it’s day and time limited, and what if I don’t want an experience. Maybe all I need is a quick stop for lettuce, bread and something for supper?
Brambles Market in downtown Courtenay is hip and urban. A local-centric alternative to the chain stores. For all its cutting edge food philosophy, it reminds me of when I was a little kid, and my mother shopped  in the small neighbourhood stores, the mom and pop’s. There is the same sense of quality and confidence in knowing who you are dealing with.  Can’t beat the convenience either, It’s open six days a week, located between a parking lot and a bus stop with coffee on the corner; that 4th st location is becoming a happening place.”

From Jean Dugal. (Fellow contributor @ the Island Word)

PS: In the spirit of keeping things hyperlocal, CP-SMS will be asking like-minded community members to submit their 2 cents.

Willingness to accept cw$ could open discussions for payment.

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