The BEST WordPress backup plugin

Updraft Plus is hands down the best WordPress backup plugin on the market. With over 3 million active installations it has earned its reputation!
Hannah Raeside

General Manager, Pod Creative

How much is it?

The base version of Updraft Plus is free and allows you to back up into the cloud directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and a few more.  The paid version starts at $70 per year and offers numerous useful addons as well as customization features.

What makes it the best backup plugin?

Updraft Plus is one of the most dependable plugins we use, seriously! In over 10 years in business in the Comox Valley, Updraft Plus has never let us down. With this plugin, you can create a full backup of your WordPress site and store it in the cloud or download it so you can have a copy locally. Both scheduled backups and backups on-demand are supported by the plugin. Additionally, you can decide what parts you want to back up, such as your plugins, themes, or data.

A fantastic feature of this plugin (paid) is the ability to migrate websites. Gone are the days of manually downloading files from your development space and then manually uploading the files. With a couple of clicks of a button, your site will do a direct file transfer and voila! New site! 

Key features:

  • Manual and scheduled backups on WordPress or a Cloud Storage provider
  • Easily restore backups within WordPress in one click.
  • More Advanced tools than most backup plugins.
  • Backup sites of 100GB; file size only limited by Web host.
  • Incremental backups for backing up on necessary changes (premium).
  • Cloning and Migration capabilities (premium).
  • Backup site files automatically before updates (premium).
  • Database encryption and advanced reporting (premium).

Wrapping this up

If we were to pick our favourite backup plugin, it would be Updraft Plus. It’s hands down the best plugin for backing up WordPress sites and migrating them currently available on the market. Every single one of our clients’ sites have Updraft Plus installed, and we can’t count how many times it’s saved the day (and time)!


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