The power of a quality website

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A website is a powerful tool for any size business, from emerging all the way to conglomerate!

Working with Pod Creative brings an understanding and appreciation of the influence a quality, professional website has. Both an emerging, or established business can benefit from an updated website. 

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

Websites grow!

One of the main principles we instill in our clients is the importance of growing and changing your site as your business grows. The website your emerging business started out with will not be the same one that exists 5, 10, even 15 years from now! Your business’s website is a constantly growing and evolving entity that may take a bit of time and effort but will be one of your biggest assets.

Not sure what we mean? Let’s look at one of our clients.

A little over 9 years ago Jarrett Krentzel of Hand-in-Hand Nature Education signed on as an emerging business with Pod Creative. Jarrett had a dream to run an outdoor early childhood nature education program for children. He wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted but knew he needed a website to help market and grow his business.

With a lot of education, time, and patience the Hand-in-Hand website, and business, grew. From its humble beginnings with just Jarrett and Alix and a forest, the program now operates out of Cambell River, Comox, Courtenay, and Cumberland, and employs 14+ educators. The power an up-to-date website brings to a business such as Hand-in-Hand is limitless. The recently updated website showcases just how far the program has come from its early beginnings and is a one-stop-shop for registration, education, marketing, and more. Curious parents can learn all about the program and register for upcoming sessions quickly and easily. For Jarrett having his registration process completely digitalized saves time, effort, and money, minimizing administration costs and maximizing the registration’s reach.

Working with Pod Creative over a 9-year period brings an understanding of the influence a website has on a business. We grow together, learn together, get excited together, and we meet the challenges together as a team.

Pod Creative is extremely proud of these types of relationships that embody themselves in all we hold dear.

What if my business is just getting started?

KL Mechanical is a perfect example of an emerging business that has been experiencing success and wanting to upgrade online. KL Mechanical is a recent addition to our Pod Creative family and took advantage of our $1K emerging business website deal. Kyle came to us because he wanted a professional presence online that featured his skills and allowed him to market and grow his business effectively.

Now with his online presence, Kyle is booking clients via his website and showing off his numerous testimonials. We are thrilled to be able to watch Kyle’s business grow from Facebook to an entry-level online website using the same tools, WordPress and the Divi Theme, that Hand in Hand nature education uses.

These incredible tools allow us the opportunity to grow the site as the business is growing and changing. To us at Pod Creative this is what we do, we help our clients grow to fruition.

It’s a fact!

High-quality websites grow your business! Make sure when you’re creating your site you are using tools, like the Divi theme and WordPress, that can grow with your business.



We love to say that we don’t just build websites, we build relationships. When you’re website development project is done with Pod Creative that isn’t the end, we are just getting started! We educate and empower our clients so they can make updates, corrections, or blog without having to pay us every time they need something. The growth of a website, just like the growth of a business, is a journey and we are sitting in the passenger seat cheering you on every step of the way. 

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