Updates on your Email Forwarding

Do you use a third party email aggregator such as Gmail, Outlook (Express) or Thunderbird? Is your domain related email set to forwarding or fetching? If it is set to forward incoming emails this post is relevant to you and your email service!

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

Fetching Vs Forwarding

First, a quick recap on fetching vs. forwarding.

Forwarding is when you set your emails to forward a copy of every single email you receive from your example@yourdomain.com to your personal@gmail.com account (or whatever other email you choose.

Fetching is when you set your personal@gmail.com account up to gather messages from the server using Pop3 or Imap settings. Think of fetching like your Gmail (for example) accessing your domain-related email periodically, finding new emails, and fetching or pulling them into your Inbox.

Why we no longer use forwarding

Recent changes to email filters have had us changing how we go about emails. Over the past year we have noticed increasing issues with emails being marked falsely as spam for no discernable reason. We recently recieved a message from one of the server companies we use that has shed some light on the issue, and thus changed our recommendation as to how you set up your emails. It appears that forwarding your domain related email address, i.e. hannah@podcreative.ca to a remote destination, such as your personal Gmail account, is causing issues with IP reputation and incorrectly marking emails as spam.

Server companies are going so far as to restrict external email forwarders to other mail providers because their IP reputation is so poor. Following this, we at Pod Creative are now strongly recommending our clients set up their email using POP3 or IMAP based-download instead. This way you can keep usig your preferred email aggregator (i.e. Gmail, Outlook) without the spam issues! We even have a blog post already on how to set up fetching with your Gmail account. If you use Outlook or Yahoo try this blog post.  


It’s our professional opinion, and that of many people, that you should only have your emails set up to fetching, never forwarding.

Wrapping this up

If your email is set up to forward from your domain-related email to your third-party aggregator (i.e. Gmail) we strongly suggest you change your setup to fetching. Pop3 is our go-to as it’s reliable and quick!


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