Updates to our Email Services

Aug 8, 2022 | Pod Creative News and Events

We've thought long and hard about these service updates.

After all the updates to email servers, email aggregators, networks, and more, we’ve had to make some changes to our business. We are now offering dedicated email management services!

In the past, comprehensive email management was rolled into our dedicated, managed hosting package.  As our clients have diversified so have their email needs. As such, we’ve broken our dedicated email management service down into four different categories, Email Creation, Email Configuration, Email Troubleshooting, and Email Migration.

Email Account Creation

Our dedicated managed hosting package continues to offer the creation of up to 3 emails included in the cost. If you require more than 3 emails there is an additional one-time charge of $100 to create up to 10 email accounts. If you require more than 10 email accounts please contact us to discuss your email requirements.

Annual Cost For Additional Email Accounts

Each hosting package you have with Pod Creative entitles you to 3 included email addresses. If you require more than 3 email addresses each additional email address is charged at $2/month, per email address and will be included in your annual hosting invoice.

Email Configuration

We recommend using Gmail as your email aggregator as it offers robust functionality, is straightforward to use, and automatically comes with loads of FREE features!

If you require assistance configuring email we will now be charging $100/hour, with our minimum charge being 30 minutes ($50).

Email Troubleshooting

If you require any assistance with your email i.e. your IP address has been blacklisted, your email became disconnected etc. We now offer email troubleshooting services! We charge $100/hr, with our minimum charge being 30 minutes ($50).

Email Migration

If you would like to migrate your existing email account and contents to your new email hosting provider we charge $100/hr. We will provide you with an estimate as to how long it can take to complete the process.

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