Armed with backstage passes, newly printed T-shirts and 2 working laptops CP-SMS rolled into this year’s Vancouver Island MusicFest to try and capture some commentary from performers, crew and volunteers as part of the media crew. The idea of having real-time commentary from the festival posted to YouTube was an exciting opportunity to gain some further experience with this particular social media element, content for our channel and to be involved with a Comox Valley event as fun and funky as MusicFest.

Here is one of our favourite clips from the day:


Visit the CP-SMS YouTube channel to see more of the same. (You can also click the link in the sidebar.)

One of the best aspects of the festival, apart from amazing acts like Joan Osborne and the group of performers that presented Human Voices on the Grierson Stage, is the people you meet. CP-SMS was very impressed with the efforts of photographers Ron Pogue (have a look at his album on Facebook) and Sarah Kerr (see her album on Facebook).

It was nice to run into Erin Haluschak, Comox Valley record photographer and reporter, as well. Have a look at some of the pics she images she managed to capture this past weekend:


See more of Erin’s work on her website.

Big thanks to the Comox Valley Kickers for stepping up and taking care of campground security. Looking forward to being more involved with the team and the stuff they get up to.

Wish there was more time to spend with Jade De Trey of Methuselah ( but it was a fitting end to a spectacular festival to do some lush lounging with Miss Christina and Robin, who dances with her in the group. Thanks ladies.

Lastly, thanks to Meaghan Cursons, Bethany Scott, Sue Moen and the rest of the people who worked to so hard to make it such a success

Looking forward to Vancouver Island MusicFest 2011 already!

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