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We are recruiting an experienced, business-minded General Manager for the LUSH Valley Hub facility. The General Manager is responsible for all aspects of facility and organisational operations, including the planning, organization and implementation of projects, fund-raising requirements, financial management and community commitments.

* Experience in management, with strong leadership skills.
* Experience in business operations and financial reporting.
* Ability to manage multiple on-going projects.
* Experience in non-profit operations and requirements.

* Significant computer experience and ability to utilize appropriate software applications.
* Working knowledge of food security issues.
* Willingness to accept partial payment in cw$. (

Apply by sending a current resume (with 1-page cover letter) to us:
e-mail: (preferred)
Snail mail: LUSH Valley, 1126F Piercy Ave., Courtenay, V9N 3E6
(resumes can be delivered in person, Mon – Thur, 10 am – 3pm)

Closing date: 30 March 2010 (Position available immediately.)

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