Web Design Tips That Can Help Drive Sales to Your Business

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Resources

As mentioned below, web design is probably just one of the reasons why you aren’t doing too well in the sales department. Then again, there’s no harm in finding out if it is, indeed, the culprit. So try implementing the suggestions provided, and see if it gives your sales that much-needed boost.

Please note that this post was authored by MyBizNiche.com‘s CEO, Mr. Shawn Byrne

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For a webmaster, few things feel as good as seeing your website top search results. After all, you’ve worked so hard at optimizing your website, and nothing less than a high ranking in the SERPs would do for a reward.

Now that links to your website are on Page 1, the prospect of getting more traffic that will generate the sales you want will get better.

The problem is, you seem to be getting lots of traffic but too little in the way of sales.

So what’s going on with your website?

Among the factors that could be impacting your sales is your web design. It may be aesthetically pleasing, but the attractiveness of your website is not a guarantee you’ll have robust sales. Believe it or not, a great-looking website could have aspects that may be turning people off. Your superb SEO efforts may have led people to the site, but after a minute or two of exploring it, something about the web design may actually be driving them away.

Perhaps your web design can use some tweaking. Here are some web design tips that just might help drive sales to your business.

Make your CTA button more easily seen.

Is it possible that your call-to-action button takes a bit more effort to find? You might have made it a bit too small. Or, it could be mixed in somewhere, making it hard to notice.

Your CTA is very important, because if visitors to your site are interested in your products or services, it’s the one button that they must click to express that interest.

Your CTA button must be readily visible at all times. To make it so, make it a bit larger than usual, and color it red or orange to make it easier to spot. Putting it above the fold or any place prominent will also help.

Your contact form must be short.

If you’re one who enjoys filling in long contact forms, then you belong to a rare breed. Not too many people like filling in forms, particularly ones that ask for too many details you don’t like giving out.

Your contact form plays a crucial role in generating leads, so make sure it’s short enough to make people tolerate going through the trouble of filling it in with their information. Ask only for a visitor’s name, email address, and zip code, and you’re good to go.

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Easier navigation

When people reach your website through the SERPs, they immediately go about exploring it. And the moment they encounter problems getting from one page to another, you can expect them to stop and exit your site immediately.

Website visitors have little to no tolerance for sites with poor navigation, so if your site is a bit too cluttered or does not have a search feature that actually works, do your best to make things better.

Organizing and dividing your categories clearly is great place to start. You would also do well to make all navigation elements clickable. A working search box would also be a welcome addition.

More videos

Videos have always been popular and will only become even more so in the future. They’re already projected to comprise 82% of all web traffic by 2022. So incorporate more videos that feature your products or services into your web design. They’re certainly more engaging and easier to take in than any article you can ever write about them.

Be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-first web design is already a thing. That means web designers are already starting to design websites based on the smallest screen available, then work their way up to bigger ones. Mobile-friendliness has become so crucial to business success that mobile devices are already becoming the priority over desktop when it comes to web design. Google’s Mobile-First index is also doing the same thing.

If your website is still not mobile-friendly to this day, then it’s probably the biggest reason why your sales have been non-existent to tepid at best.

Use a little color psychology.

Have you noticed how ads for clearance sales are usually red? Red, according to a sub-field of behavioral psychology called color psychology, is perfect for creating a sense of urgency. It makes people want to go straight to the store the moment they see the ad.

Color psychology makes associations between human behaviors and colors. For marketers and web designers worth their salt, using those associations helps them get the responses they want from their target market, which they hope would eventually get them the leads and conversions they need. Check out the links between human behavior and color as dictated by color psychology, apply them to your web design, and see how that works out for you.

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