Why professional photography matters for your website!

Using professional photos can really elevate your website! We get it, another expense on top of everything can feel overwhelming but trust us, investing in some professional photography can really pay off! 

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

Why Photos?

Stop and think for a minute about the websites you regularly visit. Are there photos on that site? How many are there? What are their purpose?

Photos can convey a lot more than words, think of the good ole adage ‘A photograph is worth a thousand words!’ 

Take a look at the difference!

The below photos were taken of the same kitchen by two different people. The photo on the left was taken by Pieter whilst the photo on the right was taken by John Bonner of Bonner Photography.

Now imagine these photos on a website designed to sell the skills of the carpenter who built the kitchen. Which would you prefer more? Which sells the kitchen?

Not every photo needs to be professional quality on your site, but some really should be. Headshots, profile photos, and images that highlight your service should be considered for professional photography. These photos are an investment in your business and contribute long-term to your business. Remember, you’re selling yourself!

A good rule of thumb is any photo that will be placed on your main web pages such as Services, About, or main photo, should be considered for professional photography. While having professional photos done for your blog photos can be beneficial, it isn’t always necessary. Cell phone photos are still fantastic!

Wrapping this up

Consider having professional photography done for your important photos. These can be anything from headshots to team photos to your core services. Sell yourself!


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