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Today I’m going to have a couple words about the latest update to WordPress.  4.6 has been named Pepper after jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III.  This continues the trend of WordPress naming their updates after artists I’ve never heard of but probably should have.

Michael Holding

Work Flow

This WordPress update is focused on making your work flow better and simpler.  The changes are subtle but make a huge difference.  For instance, 4.6 allows you to update, install or delete your themes and plugins on the same page.  Meaning there is no longer a new page loading to tell you they have been updated, it all happens in the same place. 

Getting you where you need to go faster.


Occasionally we loose our connection online and that causes a lot of stress.  Pepper has been designed to save your drafts directly to your browser and will let you know if there is a newer version of the post you are editing.  I have yet to have this work but it’s nice that WordPress is trying to solve the problem.

The editor has also been made “more intelligent”.  It is able to detect broken links and will prompt you to fix them when posting.



Another feature that is more subtle is the use of native fonts.  Open Sans was used as the default font when the choice of fonts was much smaller than today.  Thankfully, native fonts have been improving on current devices.  This boosts Pepper’s performance and stability as well as giving your page a consistent look.

Here’s WordPress’ own video about the features of the new update.

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