A Year in Review: 4 Top Design Trends of 2018 (Infographic)

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Considering that we work on the web every day, we at Pod Creative try to incorporate some of the positive and popular online opportunities we come across.  We encourage you to read through the infographic below as It points out some of the top trends from the past year.

Pieter Vorster

2018 has seen a number of changes in the world of web design. Facing a competitive arena, technological advances, and shifting markets, brand owners and web designers have put on their A-game, as they try to differentiate their sites and those of the competition. It has become apparent that with easily accessible online web building services and affordable web design professionals, any business can easily have a decent site. The challenge, then, is how to make yours – great. The following four trends are prime examples of a push toward better websites:

1.  Brutalism

It has now become clear that layouts matter a lot more than previously thought, affecting conversions, revenue, and even branding efforts. DesignAdvisor has noted that almost 40% of users will leave a website if the layout is unattractive, meaning that a poorly designed site could be bleeding customers at alarming rates. While some brand owners are playing it safe, with minimalist and simple layouts, others have tried to up their game by adopting brutalism. With brutalism, a designer is given free rein to do whatever they want. The result of this is a unique and artistic website, with a different user experience than usual. Although this is a bit of a gamble, the result can be a genuinely memorable web design, attracting customers and giving the company the mark of a true pioneer.

2. Engaging Content Strategies

Many businesses are starting to produce custom content for their websites, aiming to satisfy their clients’ desire to know more about the products or services they are buying, and who they are buying from. According to some estimates, more than 80% of online visitors will trust a site after reading its custom content. Content such as reviews, product manufacturing stories or even blogs about the industry, are thus reaching the mainstream status they deserve.

3. Video Content takes the stage

Video content has been a part of the internet for a while. However, this year the number of sites joining the ranks as video content producers is on the rise. In video content, companies find an engaging medium popular with website visitors. While key research shows that autoplay and cluttered videos are a sign of a bad website, it is still true that video content – when done correctly – can be of great help to any site. Since Google started giving more priority to video results, this has worked as an extra incentive to push brands towards video production.  

4. Mobile rules supreme

As the mobile market continues to grow, so does the need for mobile responsive design. There is still a significant gap in the realm of mobile design: while larger companies are going full steam ahead with mobile-optimized websites, more than 90% of small business sites do not cater to mobile users. Regardless, the increasing push for mobile design has yielded great UX improvements for mobile users; mobile sites load faster, have become more minimalist and easier to navigate, with improved layouts.  

These are the 4 Top Design Trends of 2018. For a more detailed insight, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic URL: https://designadvisor.net/blog/web-design-trends/ (1.8MB)

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