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In this tutorial I will show you how to display your Google Analytics in the dashboard of your WordPress site.  You can learn more about Google Analytics by reading some of our other posts:

Michael Holding

Once you have set up Google Analytics for your site you will want to be able to view that data right from your Dashboard.  Luckily there are a number of useful plugins that allow you to do this.  At Pod Creative we use the Google Analyticator plugin by Noah Kagen.  We have found it to be reliable and light weight.


From the Dashboard, hover on the Plugins tab and click on Add New.  This will bring you to WordPress’ Plugin page.  Here you can search for Google Analyticator and click the Install Now button to add it to your site.

 Adding the code

Once you have set up a Google Analytic account and installed the tracking code, the next step is to click on Google Analytics in your Dashboard.  This is where you will select if Analytics is enabled, which account you want to get data from and a number of other settings.  For this example I have selected the correct account from the drop down menu.  If you do not have an account listed you will need to go back and check that your tracking code is in the correct place.  I have also selected Traditional for the Tracking Code.  You can set the rest of your parameters as need be.  Once finished, click save.

All ready to go

Returning to your Dashboard you will now see a widget called Google Analytics Summary.  When freshly installed you will not see any information displayed.  But after a few days Google will have some information to send you.  We like Google Analyticator because it presents all the relevant information in a straight forward way.  You can easily see how many people have visited your site, site usage deatails, which pages are most popular, etc.

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