How to add a newsletter opt-in to your Divi WordPress site

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An easy to use e-newsletter opt-in can help you grow your newsletter base!

E-Newsletters are a fantastic way to share news, service updates, and stay in touch with subscribers. We at Pod Creative use Mailchimp to send monthly e-newsletters. Our newsletters contain shout-outs to our latest completed projects, links to our latest blogs, and a friendly update from Pieter, Michael, and Hannah. An email newsletter should feel like an update from an interesting, helpful friend, rather than a pushy salesperson.

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

So Many platforms

So Many platforms

There are many email marketing platforms to choose from. Through the Divi email opt-in module, a multitude of email marketing platform integrations are available including Mailchimp, MailPoet, Aweber, SendinBlue, and more! While it’s handy if you already have one of these platforms when you’re starting out it can make choosing one difficult. A good email marketing service will enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface (ideally drag-and-drop editor).

Grow your list!

Adding an email opt-in to your site is a great way to grow your Newsletter list! The more people who sign up for the list means the more avenues to grow your business. Make sure your opt-in is easy to use and located on every post and page. Bring attention to it wherever you can!

Setting up the Opt-in

Add your module

When selecting your row preference keep in mind the overall look of the opt-in. We recommend no smaller than thirds for your row layout. Any row configuration less than a third leaves your opt-in looking squished. Once you have added your row click on the black circle with the white plus button to bring up the Insert Module box. Select Email Optin from the list. 

Don’t overload subscribers

This is a gentle reminder to not bombard your subscribers with emails. We’ve all subscribed to a popular website to receive coupons or discounts and in turn received a barrage of daily emails. Sending daily, and depending on your business, weekly emails will frustrate subscribers and lead to less engagement and higher unsubscription rates. Stick to quality over quantity!

Configuring the optin

Title your optin. Select an appropriate title to entice subscribers! Shorter and sweet is always best. 

Add in your body text. Explain to your potential subscribers why they should subscribe and what they will receive. Here is a great spot to reassure them you won’t overload their email! 

Configure the email account. 

1) Select your Service Provider and click Add


2) Fill in your Account Name and API key (Also known as Authorization code etc.). To find your API key or Authorization code you will need to log into your email marketing service account.

4) Click Submit

Adjust your fields. Select what information you would like to include in the optin, including single name vs a full name, and custom field options.

Customize your Success ActionSelect whether you would like to display a message or redirect to a custom URL. In the message portion, we recommend a nice thank you message for subscribing.

Spam Protection. While not required enabled spam protection can limit fake sign-ups. ReCaptcha is currently the only service provider for limiting spam.

wrapping this all up

wrapping this all up

The Divi email opt-in module is straightforward to set up and offers robust functionality. It’s sleek and customizable design highlights your newsletter sign up and more importantly, it works! By following the steps above you will have your opt-in up and running in no time.

Do you want to know more or implement this strategy on your website?

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