Keeping It Living 2014 – An art & literature awareness & fundraising campaign to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the preservation and restoration of the K’ómoks Estuary; 2014 includes a Sponsorship Drive and Events.


Project Watershed thanks the Vancouver Foundation for their donation $20,000 towards the creation of a publicly accessible online Interactive Map of the K’ómoks Estuary – coming soon!

Celebrating ART and ACHIEVEMENTS since 2009

Project Watershed has been running the The Keeping It Living Campaign to raise awareness and funds for the protection and restoration of the K’omoks Estuary since 2009. We are taking this year to celebrate the art that has honored our cause, the achievements we have made and our future aspirations. To this and we are focusing on selling our sponsorship artworks and the following activities. Find out more via


  • Keeping It Living Collection Art Display – In the George Sawchuk Gallery of the CV Art Gallery, April 16th to May 3rd

  • Keeping It Living Earthweek Gala – An event featuring wine,  cheese, music, art and performance art

  • Keeping It Living for Earth Day – Estuary art and performance for the whole family

  • Keeping It Living by Bike – A cycling tour of the Estuary

  • Estuary Walks and Talks – Guided walks in the Estuary


The K’omoks Estuary has been termed “the heart of our watershed” and “the jewel in the crown of the Comox Valley”. It is a unique feature of our Valley which supports our high quality of life, vibrate bird communities, wealth of outdoor activities, rebounding salmon populations and rich First Nations history. It has been severely impacted over the years but now large industry has moved out of the Estuary and it is time to bring about the return of abundance. We are inviting residents to contribute to our efforts by:

  • Sponsoring our work and receiving prints, posters and/or art cards.

  • Getting informed at one of our events.

  • Volunteering in one of our projects.


Protecting the estuary not only makes sense environmentally but also economically. Bev Byerley’s painting speaks to the quality of life we enjoy in the Comox Valley. Economists use property values among others to capture this value financially. The Estuary Working Group has produced a vision document and is  working on a Management Plan to help sustain that quality of life and uphold those economic values. We hope to have this plan adopted by the K’omoks First Nation and local governments.


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