Keeping It Living 2014 – An art & literature awareness & fundraising campaign to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the preservation and restoration of the K’ómoks Estuary; This year includes a Sponsorship Drive and Events.

Project Watershed thanks the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) through the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) program for their support of our Blue Carbon initiative!

Be our Guest!

Join us at our Keeping It Living Sponsorship Gala at the Comox Valley Art Gallery on April 25th! The Gala will feature our Keeping It Living Art Collection showing in the George Sawchuk Wing of the Art Galley from April 16th to May 3rd. The Collection consists of the 5 original estuary inspired artworks acquired through our Keeping it Living Art Competition since 2009 to aid in the restoration and protection of the K’ómoks Estuary.

The evening will showcase 5 short performances, including one by Voices Three, to help us reflect on the issues associated with our estuary and our work to protect and restore it as well as to inspire attendees to contribute to our cause through our world class art sponsorships. Other highlights for the evening will include Blue Moon wines, Natural Pastures cheeses and mini silent auction. In lieu of an entrance fee we will be exchanging community way dollars for Canadian at the door. There are only 100 ‘spots’ available so please RSVP online at  to ensure your attendance.

Help us reach 100!

Our target this year is to have 100 individuals and businesses sponsor our work in the Estuary through a financial contribution to Project Watershed of $100 or $125 respectively. In return, Project Watershed will recognise this support by offering one of the limited edition prints showcased below to display in your home or place of business. Businesses will also receive public acknowledgement in the newspaper, on our website and during our Keeping It Living Sponsorship Gala.

We do have a range of other sponsorship opportunities available from $5 to $1000. You can sponsor us online using PayPal or by coming into the Conservation Centre at 2356a Rosewall Crescent with cash or cheque. Sponsorship material will also be available through the Comox Valley Art Galley shop from April to August. More information at

Estuary and Economy

From the past and into the future the K’ómoks Estuary supports the economy of the Comox Valley. Rena Roger’s photograph captures a moment for us to reflect on this. Archeological work suggests a substantial First Nation community existed on the shores of the Estuary for over 1400 years. This community relied on the productivity from the land around the Estuary as well as the water as natural estuarine dynamics creates rich farmland. This farmland is still used today and remnant First Nation stakes bespeckle the mudflats supporting agriculture, agri-tourism and potentially archaeo-tourism. Project Watershed is committed to develop a bid for National Historic Status and the protection, education and tourism that could accompany this.


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