Mailchimp for Beginners: How to create an email campaign

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Let's learn how to make a Mailchimp campaign email!

This will be a step-by-step guide for Mailchimp beginners, requiring you to be logged into your Mailchimp account.

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

Here are a few reminders about making a successful email

  • Customize your “to” field
  • Use good photos to break up the text
  • Don’t make your email too long

1. Start at the dashboard

Click on Campaigns.

2. Click Create Campaign

3. lets get this set up

A). Click on Email.

B). Select the type of email you would like to send (We usually use “Regular”).

C). Name your email. NOTE*** This is not the subject of the email, this is an internal name only!

D). Click Begin.

4. Set up the basics

A) Add your recipients, and don’t forget to personalize the “To” field!

B) Add the “From” – we recommend using your business email, it’s more professional.

C) Add the subject and the preview text.

5. Click Design Email

A). Click Saved Templates (if you don’t have a template we suggest reading this post).

B). Select your Template.

6. Let’s get designing!

A). Add your content.

B). Add your photos.

C). Once you’ve added all your content click the blue “Continue” at the top.

7. Check your work

Send a Test Email.

8. When you’re ready, send it!

At the top of the page click either Schedule or Send. You’re done!

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