The Ultimate Way To Use Instagram Stories To Your Advantage (Infographic)

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Most of the websites we build at Pod Creative feature Instagram in some way, whether that be immediately apparent, or as a behind-the-scenes method to populate a Facebook page and Twitter account simultaneously.  We encourage you to read through the infographic below as It points out some of the value you can gain from your own Instagram account.

Pieter Vorster

The majority of socially engaged businesses have already included Instagram in marketing strategies. For many, this may mean just adding photos to the feed with some strategically placed hashtags, while the more tech-savvy will be making use of one of Instagram’s newest features called Instagram Stories.

The feature provides businesses with a ready-made vehicle for promoting their brand in real time, in a fun and engaging way which appeals to followers. Since its launch, Stories have had one success after another and are still hugely popular with Instagram users.

If you get it right, you could engender your followers with that extra pinch of affinity with your brand, which will not only help to build brand loyalty but will ultimately encourage future sales.

Even if you are a seasoned Instagram user for your businesses, it can be pretty difficult to continually come up with new ways to engage your users and keep them looking at your content.

Here are some brief ideas of how you could be using Instagram Stories to promote your business:

  • Behind the scenes – Many brands are using Stories to take their followers behind the scenes of their business, and you may be pretty surprised to find out just how many people will be interested in this sort of content. There is a real honesty about peeling back the layers of your empire, and consumers will appreciate this.

  • Teasers – Because Stories are only a few seconds long and will disappear after 24 hours, they offer the perfect platform for teasers of new products or services that you will soon be offering. Your loyal followers will then spread the word on your behalf, building up the hype around your brand.

  • Guides and demonstrations – Marketing needs to be memorable, and the nature of Instagram Stories gives you the opportunity to showcase some of your products in a new light. You could even use it as an opportunity to answer some consumer queries about certain products.

  • Live blog – One of the options that come with creating a Story is the opportunity to broadcast live. If you are holding an event or seminar, why not show the world?

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can use Instagram Stories to your advantage. For a more detailed insight, take a look at the infographic below.

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How Businesses Use Instagram Stories – 30 Case Studies (Infographic)

Eek, some of our more enthusiastic visitors may have noticed that we posted an incorrect infographic with this post. The e-commerce infographic has been replaced with the correct one since. Thanks to Raj for letting us know.

Pieter Vorster

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