Why Pod Creative’s Dedicated, Managed Hosting is the Best Deal

You're Reading: Why Pod Creative’s Dedicated, Managed Hosting is the Best Deal

At Pod Creative we offer dedicated, managed hosting for $30/month and in our mind, that’s a pretty darn good deal! But don’t just take our word for it, let’s look at the facts. 

Hannah Raeside

Office Manager, Pod Creative

What does managed mean?

Our good friends at Elegant Themes say it best! The hard work doesn’t stop when you publish your WordPress website. Whether it means creating regular backups, scanning for malware, or updating your plugins, any site requires ongoing maintenance. You can perform this day-to-day work manually, or you can partner with a third-party maintenance and support provider.

Third-Party Maintenance 

Without managed hosting the administration and upkeep of a WordPress website can be time-consuming. A well-maintained WordPress website is already less likely to encounter serious issues.  If you’re losing the majority of your days to tedious admin and busywork, you may benefit from enlisting the help of a WordPress maintenance and support provider. A maintenance partner can manage the everyday tasks associated with running a WordPress website. It can also help improve your site. For busy business owners, it is easy to take a fire-fighting approach to site management but this isn’t sustainable or healthy for your site.

Managed, for a price.

Managing a WordPress site is not cheap, and more often than not this comes as an expense over and above hosting. Depending on your hosting provider, website hosting can be upwards of $5-$90 per month per website. Sure there are cheap options for hosting, but we’ve outlined many times why this isn’t a good option. Third-party maintenance partners, such as Maintainn or WP Buffs, can cost anywhere from $50-$250 per month. That’s just for the maintenance! The cheapest and best plan we could find for third party maintenance was $54/month and didn’t even offer half the services that we offer. With the lowest tier of any third-party maintenance provider, you could be looking upwards of $800/year in hosting, domain, and maintenance expenses. Ouch!

Did you know?

Websites require constant updating, maintenance, and work. Our dedicated, managed hosting can keep you up and running while you focus on your buisness. 

Pod Creative Dedicated, Managed Hosting

Pod Creative offers dedicated managed hosting. We have an entire server exclusively for our client’s websites. This means we have direct access to all the security settings and protocols for all our sites, and we regularly patrol for malicious software and potential weak points. That takes care of the dedicated, but what does the managed mean?

Managed hosting means we take care of the rest of it too! Plugin updates, regular and irregular backups, SSL certificate renewals, software updates, and so much more. Basically, we make sure you’re website is running the way it should, and when it doesn’t, we fix it. The best part? You’ve already paid for it! When you pay your annual dedicated, managed hosting ($30/month) you’ve already paid for us to get your site back up and running if there is a hosting-related issue. The only thing you need to worry about is adding content!



There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing your website hosting service provider, and while the price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the only one considered! We recommend you do your research before choosing a company and look at what you get for what you pay. Our package price for our dedicated managed hosting, $30/month, is one of the best deals around. Not only do you have the piece of mind working with a Canadian company, but we take care of all those pesky updates, backups, and more!


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