Not usually a fan of being told what to do, this post is stepping outside of my comfort zone. That having been said, the following 5 ideas for Holiday Gifts bring value beyond the product you are left with. Have a look, hopefully you will agree. If not, leave us a comment to let us know about some of your personal favourite Holiday Gift ideas.

Pieter Vorster

1.) Unpave Paradise by Donating to Kus-kus-sum

Not done Christmas shopping yet? Do the charitable “alternative giving” with us – either online or at the office. Studies show that the majority of Canadians prefer a gift like this, rather than a traditional one.”

Kathy Haigh, Project Watershed Director

You can find our more about the Field Sawmill Restoration project and how you can contribute at:

2.) Buy a copy of Tales of Kona the Guide Dog

“Kona will quickly find her way into the hearts of children of all ages, while teaching everyone a bit about how to behave around guide dogs while they’re on and off duty.”

A portion of the sales from this book will go towards BC & Alberta Guide Dogs Services. Another portion will go towards Comox Valley Project Watershed Society.

3.) Become a Member of (or donate)

Tide Change is continually adapting to the changing face of the Internet.  Knowing full well that people are deluged with news from around the world, leaving local stories and events overlooked. That’s where Tide Change comes in.  Our primary focus is the Comox Valley and surrounding areas.  Our news is updated regularly, highlighting local events and local interest stories.  We also post stories and media from the rest of the world that relate to our community groups or are sent in by our regular readers.”

Pieter Vorster, Chief Editor

*Click on the image below to go directly to Paypal and make an annual payment. Alternatively you can find more options on how to support by clicking here.

4.) Buy By Dead Reckoning ( A Novel)

“This book is an adventure story … It is also a love story … It is a story of purpose … It is also mystery … This saga of one man’s life is fleshed out with insight and humor, even in circumstances of dire emergency. This is a remarkable book at many levels. It is a book as broad as the world. You will be enriched by it.

Marvin Haave, Creative Writing Coach (N.I.C.)

5.) Donate to Mefloquine Awareness Canada

“Canada’s experience with the antimalarial drug, Mefloquine, also known by the brand name Lariam, dates back to the Canadian Armed Forces 1992 peacekeeping mission in Somalia. Since that time, Canadian soldiers, their families, and scientific researchers have claimed that Mefloquine causes adverse effects which lead to anxiety, paranoia, depression, dizziness and more serious and sometimes permanent psychiatric and physiological symptoms for some individuals.

Thousands of Canadian veterans and civilian travelers have been prescribed mefloquine since the early 1990’s and may unwittingly be suffering with long-lasting side effects due to even short term use of this once weekly dosing of mefloquine. Alternative anti-malarial options that are both safer and as effective as mefloquine are available despite the fact that mefloquine continues to be offered as one of three first-line recommendations for malaria chemoprophylaxis.

Mefloquine Awareness Canada

*Click on the image below to go directly to the online store an support MAC by buying a bumper sticker. 

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