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In this tutorial I will go over adding a featured image to your posts and why it’s important.  Please let us know if this tutorial has helped you or if you have any questions or comments!

Michael Holding

Adding A Featured Image

Congratulations, you’ve just finished creating your post, now it’s time to do the final checks!  In my example you can see that I have selected the category for my post and I have added relevant tags.  The next part is just as important.  Let’s add a featured image.


Under the Featured Image title, click on ‘Set Featured Image’.  This will take you directly to your Media Library.  Once here select or upload an image that you would like to be featured and click the ‘Set Featured Image’ button.  You can remove the featured image you have set by clicking on the link under the photo.


If you are not comfortable adding images to your post please read our tutorial on how to do so.


Pretty Easy!

Just like that, boom!  So you can follow those exact steps for any featured image you want to add.  Add them to your projects, pages, and anywhere else you want them.


What are Featured Images?

When you visit a site and the main page will often have post excerpts on it.  The page will typically show a list of blog post titles with excerpts and photos. These thumbnail images are more often than not put in place by the Feature Image function. The most common features are:

  • Featured images can appear as thumbnail images that accompany a blog post title and description on a blog’s homepage.
  • Featured images can appear above the post title and meta data on an individual post.
  • Featured images can appear below the post title and meta data on an individual post.
  • Featured images can appear as thumbnails and as images within a post.

So, if you want to enhance a post or project, I highly recommend using a Featured Image to add some punch!

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