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Ted Smith will begin the Hempology 101 lecture series this coming Thursday, Oct 7 and then the FIRST Thursday of every month thereafter. He and Gayle Quinn have been offering the program at UVIC for several years…
The evening will start with a potluck at 6pm, bring something to share if you can, no worries if you can't, there will be plenty – a baked salmon and potatoes for sure.
REACH FOR THE POT game should liven things up at 7 and the lecture series begins at 7:30.
BCGEU meeting room – #201 – 910 Fitzgerald Ave., Courtenay – above Here Computers on 8th
Have you heard that cannabis marijuana causes cancer cells to self destruct (autophagy) and also cuts off blood supply to cancer cells? Dr. Andrew Weill sez so <>, and here is the research study…
Since our bodies are constantly dealing with rogue cells, some of which may become cancerous, it makes sense to ingest cannabis daily as a prophylactic.
"Grow weed for seed and sow it everywhere."
From ernie
for the North Island Compassion Club
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