A collective of artists in sound, interpretive dance and art share an experimental collaboration at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay this Saturday beginning at 8:00.

Be prepared to sit back, relax and be still while you take in the sounds and noise textures of creative, improvised music. Images of landscapes and abstract textures appear as you  become part of the experience of Glissando: Experiments in Sound Shapes with Vocalease voice artist Joanna Finch, and  Jesse Gentes (percussion), Destanne Lundquist (strings, air, and objects of purpose) and Jim Lambert on guitar.

Improvisational dancer Jade DeTrey will be offering interpretive dance to the compositions, while artist Arlene McLeod paints to what she hears.

These adventures in soundscapes invite the audience to listen in a different way from traditional music. In experimental music, musicians “play” their instruments, exploring all sorts of auditory possibilities. “It is exciting and very interesting,” says Finch, a local singer songwriter who thrives on discovering new sounds she can make with her voice.”This form of music is the most freeing, most interesting and honest music I have ever experienced. I am honoured to be playing with these wise and talented artists.” A wide array of instruments will be played: cello, viola, flutes, guitars, bells, drums, wooden objects, glass, likembe- a Tanzanian thumb piano, guitar and vocal sounds.

Jesse, Destanne and Joanna are all students of the Vancouver Creative Music Institute. Together they studied advanced improvisational music under the direction of Francoius Houle, Han Benninck, Eugene Chadbourne and others. Alchemy and intense listening play a large part in what makes their music flow into interesting, beautiful, textural sounds. Comox Valley born and raised Jesse Gentes and Destanne Lundquist have been playing together for many years and continue to present private and public experimental  collaborations in Vancouver through their band, the Vinegar Factory. http://www.myspace.com/thevinegarfactory. Jim Lambert is a feel player guitarist with incredible intuition and dexterity who is has studied jazz, classical, rock, and loves to improvise. Recently he has been supporting Joanna’s projects as well as hosting jams and playing in a country cover band.

Interpretive dancer Jade de Trey is the founder of Methusala Dance and currently teaches and performs a multitude of creative dance forms including contact improv and her popular Chakra Dance (visit her website at www.DanceWithJade.ca.

Arlene McLeod is a contemporary abstract artist who translates energy into paint and mixed media. She is “thrilled to be a part of this event and have the chance to translate the music into paint. The fact that all the performers will be creatively interpreting just makes it even more exciting.”

Please plan to come at 6pm to eat before the 8pm show as the artists need a quiet space to create. Stillness and calmness invites creativity. Doors open at 7:30 for those who do not wish to dine. The food is delicious at Joe’s and very affordable at $10.00. Call Milo at 250-702-MILO (6456) to reserve.

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