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Today I will be explaining what Image meta data is, why it’s useful and how to add it to your images.  I hope this will help you understand the value of image meta data.  Please let me know if there are any other topics you’d like explained.

Michael Holding

1. What is Image meta data?

Image meta data makes it easier for you to find your images when you’re working in WordPress; it also helps your site’s users and search engines.  To help you optimize your images I will show you how to use image meta data like Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description.

2. Image Meta Data is Important

Uploading an image to your media library will help add content to your posts but won’t help with it comes to search engine or your visitors.  Meta data is additional text that adds relevance to your image.  Once you start using meta data search engines will be able to show your image when those words are searched for.

Meta data is that extra information that adds a backstory to your image and can make it more interesting for users.  It also helps users who are visually impaired.

3. How to Add Meta Data to Your Image


The easiest way to start is by uploading a new image to your media library.  WordPress will give you the option to enter your attachment details at this time.  These details are the most important part of your image meta data.  But, you can enter this information at any time.

In the image above I have not entered any information so we can start at the Title.

Attachment Title – The title field is used internally by WordPress to file images in the media library.

Image Alt Text – Also know as alternate text, it is displayed when a user’s browser is unable to locate an image.  Search engines like Google use alt tag as a ranking factor in their image search. 

Description – This text can be displayed on the attachment page for your image. You can enter as much information as you want. Like the story behind the photograph, how you took the picture, what camera you were using, or anything else that you want to share. You can even add links in the description field. 

Caption – This is the text that will be displayed with your image.  It will be inside the image boarder or outside the image, depending on your theme.

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